Homeopathic Consultations

Homeopathic Initial  Consultations

Initial consultation includes detailed questions about your current physical and emotional symptoms, health history, your family health history, your likes and dislikes, triggers to your diseases or pain, childhood trauma, sleeping pattern, dreams, weather preferences and much more.

There are 3,000 remedies in homeopathy and 300 are commonly used nowadays. Each remedy has picture/energy of the substances and my job is to find the remedy, which has the closest picture/energy to client to stimulate his/her healing ability. The remedy taps into the client’s vital force to activate his/her own healing.

Fee:$180 / 90 min

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultation is strongly recommended as I assess the effect of the remedies through the consultation so that I can adjust the potency & frequency of the remedy and support the long-term shift in your physical and emotional healing. A two-week follow up is recommended after the initial consultation, and then a follow-up every 4 weeks for at least 6 months is suggested for chronic disease or emotional symptoms.

Fee:$90 60 min

Acute Consultation

Acute consultation is available for acute conditions; fever, cough, headache, hangover, digestive issues etc. The prescription will be based on your acute physical symptoms only. If you have similar acute conditions repeatedly, it might be acute flare up of your chronic condition. I would recommend the 90 min initial consultation to discuss the long-term treatment.

Fee:$30 30 min

Skype consultation is available for long distance clients. Please enquire about the Skype consultation from [Contact me] before you make an appointment. The cost of postage will be charged accordingly.

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